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RoboMessage™ gives you
the power to automate
prospect email introduction and follow-up like never before!

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RoboMessage™ Messaging Automation for Sales Professionals

Message all your key prospects automatically with RoboMessage™

RoboMessage™ is the first and only all-in-one desktop tool to intelligently automate prospect introduction, follow-up and ongoing email message communication while saving you time and increasing your productivity!

With RoboMessage™ you have the ability to easily and quickly configure template based or custom emails and send messages to your prospects in seconds! There is no faster way to reach out or follow-up. You can save RoboMessage™ message lists that empower you to follow-up with prospect groups or all prospects in just seconds with targeted or custom emails!

With RoboMessage™ you can use powerful search capabilities to search your email for contacts or import contacts from any .csv, .xls, .xlsx or .rbm files and platforms like, Sage ACT, Microsoft CRM and virtually any other system that can export a simple .csv or Excel file.

With RoboMessage™ time saving technology you can:

  • Intuitively search and quickly identify prospects in your email for follow-up
  • Import prospects from .CSV or Excel® files for introduction messages or follow-up
  • Enable creating, saving and sending of unlimited email message templates
  • Intelligently and robotically generate and send email messages
  • Save powerful RoboMessage™ message lists to follow-up with prospect groups or all prospects in just seconds with targeted or custom emails!
  • Import RoboMeeting™ lists and email message contacts from event lists
  • Synchronize your messaging with Microsoft Outlook and with any third party tools that synchronize with Microsoft Outlook like, etc.

And the best part about RoboMessage™ is that it is absolutely FREE with the purchase of RoboMeeting™!

Click the image below to view a RoboMessage™ Screenshot. You can also view a glimpse into RoboMessage™ in action in the RoboMeeting™ demo here.

RoboMessage™ Screenshot




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