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Get more key prospect meetings and boost your pipeline with just a few clicks!

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"The first day I used RoboMeeting™ it
automatically scheduled 14 meetings for me
with key decision makers! I could never
generate and schedule 14 key meetings on my own
in one day!"
- Account Executive, Fortune 500 Company


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Extraordinary results for Sales Professionals

Generate meetings with key prospects automatically with RoboMeeting™ Version 4.0!

RoboMeeting™ Version 4.0 is the first and only all-in-one tool to intelligently automate prospect meetings and increase sales. With RoboMeeting™ you have the ability to easily and quickly configure the solution to enable accelerating your time to meeting, reducing manual calendar review and scheduling processes while significantly increasing your pipeline.

With RoboMeeting™ you can search your email for contacts or import contacts from any .csv, .xls, .xlsx or .rbm files and platforms like, Sage ACT, Microsoft CRM and virtually any other system that can export a simple .csv or Excel file. You can also export and save your RoboMeeting™ meeting lists for instant recall and instant automatic scheduling of follow-up meetings with just one click!

RoboMeeting™ Patent Pending technology will automatically:

  • Intuitively search and quickly identify prospects in your email
  • Import prospects from .CSV or Excel® files
  • Automatically recognize and identify calendar availability
  • Robotically schedule meetings within existing and configurable availability
  • Intelligently and dynamically generate and send meeting invitations
  • Synchronize your calendar meetings with Microsoft Outlook and with any third party tools that synchronize with Microsoft Outlook like, etc.

See how RoboMeeting™ can help you right now by viewing the brief demo below!

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